• Guide: Choose the right sandals for your child

    Guide: Choose the right sandals for your child
    Sun. Summer. And sandals. If you've not yet been out to invest in the summer's finest footwear for your child, be sure to read this. We'll guide you on how to find the right sandals for your child and provide you with some can't-live-without tips and tricks.First and foremost, the new sandals should be comfy. And of course they should be suitable for your child's...
  • Baby's first shoes

    Baby's first shoes
    Buying your child's first pair of shoes is exciting and magical. And there's millions of cute small shoes that aren't difficult to fall head over heels for. But children's feet are different and, for this reason, their little feet also have different needs.So now what? When are your tiny tot ready for his or her first pair of shoes? And what happens when your child...
  • Welcome to the hummel® family

    Welcome to the hummel® family
    In the early years of the collaboration, hummel® had the honour of placing their logo, chevrons and t-shirts on the LykkeLiga players. In 2019, we're taking the collaboration to new level. In collaboration with the LykkaLiga management, hummel has developed ideas, campaigns and initiatives that can create even more awareness and visibility for the LykkeLiga players, teams and volunteers.By doing so, we can help...
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