Hummel X Coventry City F.C. - A trip down memory lane

By 1987, the design of Coventry City F.C. kits was familiar; the iconic contrasting panels that infamously decorated the Danish Dynamite in ’86 were part of an image that, for many, defined an era. Aston Villa, Southampton and Coventry City would adorn that very same template between the years of 1987 and 1989, with universal popularity.

The news that Coventry City will once again partner popular Danish brand hummel will conjure up fond memories for the midlands club and its supporters; a partnership synonymous with arguably the most exciting time in the club’s proud history.

It was a sunshine period full of refreshing optimism. There was a relaxation from relegation and a unity that gripped the city in a euphoric daze stemming from the FA Cup triumph in front of Wembley’s Twin Towers.

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